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2018 Horses Change Lives
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Freedom Farm

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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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2018 Blessings Received!

  • August ~ Thank you to our friends at Ruby's Roost for for having a 'Horses Change Lives' jar! We are honored you made counter space to support the Freedom Farm horses!!
  • July 30 ~ Ground breaking for the Arena Addition!
  • July ~ Freshwater Church clean-up group here for a day.
  • July ~ Huge wagon load of hay arrived from Dave & Kris Bakeberg
  • June ~ Mama Jean Open Golf Tournament donates to Freedom Farm
  • April ~ Tack received from Nancy Overstake
  • January ~ Generous donation received to purchase a BEMER therapy unit for the horses!

2017 Blessings!

  • December ~ Thank you to the Minnesota Horse Council for awarding a grant to Freedom Farm for the new portable horse shelter.




  • October ~ Thank you to the students from Southwest Christian School who spent a day helping us get ready for our riding celebration!
  • September ~ Thank you Volunteer Joe for donating fly spray!
  • September ~ A huge thank you to Bob Hosker for your gift of photography at Freedom Farm and the Polo Event! You captured many special moments for Freedom Farm.
  • August ~ The lemonade stand that was set up at the Flea Market for Freedom Farm is such a blessing! Thank you Dawn for your big heart and generosity.





  • August ~ Thank you Trent Steuernage for choosing Freedom Farm for your Eagle Scout Project. We are honored and blessed to have been a part of your Eagle Scout Project. Trent's work ethic and passionate, caring heart make him a very qualified leader. How awesome to have this incredible individual in our community!



  • August ~ Thank you so much volunteer Kerry for the fly spray to keep our horses happy during session.
  • August ~ Thank you 'More Than Pink' members for choosing Freedom Farm as the place to give your service day to and for all of your hard work!



  • August ~ Robert Evans Studios ~ Thank you for sharing your time and gift of photography! What a great promotional shot for the 'Polo Event' with 'Horses and Horse Power'. 



  • July ~ Thank you Alia for coming all the way from Germany and helping with the Hope with Horses camp! It was great to have you back!

  • July ~ Thank you Mykalea for volunteering at Freedom Farm for your 50 hours that are required for your graduation.



  • June ~ For our Horse's Change Lives campaign Riders and Volunteers have been collecting change and so far they have raised a total of $1,208.36!



  • June ~ $1,000 from Mill City Credit Union. We are so blessed to have such dedicated supporters that we were able to secure the win from the Making the Greater Good Even Greater Contest.



  • April ~ Thank you Southwest Christian School for all your hard work and helping Freedom Farm get ready for Spring!

  • April ~ A GOLF CART was donated. An huge time-saver for errands to the schoolhouse and the mailbox. 


  • March ~ OPUS Foundation generously gave Freedom Farm a grant for $5,000 in support of classroom addition!

2016 Blessings Received

  • We recieved 200 bales of hay thanks to the generosity of George Kasper, who also took the time to deliver and help unload it!
  • A huge Thank You to the Cargill Animal Nutrition Community Enrichment Committee for the donation to help purchase a new drag for the arena to keep the footing level and safe for lessons.


  • Thank You to our fall helpers from Southwest Christian School for spending the day at  Freedom Farm.  

  • A special Thank You to RBA Foundation for selecting Freedom Farm to
    receive a donation of $1000 and to the RBA Cares committee for
    coming out to Freedom Farm to see a lesson first hand.



  • We were blessed to have Brendan Kalous to use his gift to creat a Roping Bull for our Riders. 




  • The talented Terry Breen, Corrie Stevens and Brendan Stevens added to
    our sensory trail with the addition of the General Store!

  • Successful Polo Event! A special day filled with LOVE and $100,200 profit!
  • A 'BIG THANK YOU' to Melissa Priebe for the wonderful artile 'Reason to Ride' about Freedom Farm in the Scene in the West Metro magazine. Click HERE to read.
  • The completion of the Freedom Farm Schoolhouse. Thank you to all those who donated to make the dream a reality.
  • Thank You Reanna for delivering a generous donation from the Buffalo Saddle Club.
  • We were so blessed to have Riders Sarah and Cole volunteering for the day!
  • Ellie Popham-Isham chose Freedom Farm for her school service project.
  • Our Sensory Trail is growing thanks to all the creative and talented Friends of Freedom Farm. 








  • Spring Helpers! Thanks Southwest Christian School for spending the day
    Freedom Farm ready for Spring.  




2015 Blessings Received!

  • Schoolhouse at Freedom Farm project underway
  • Freedom Farm Riders and Volunteers raised over $2000 in just their pocket change!
  • A special thank you to Village Riders for contributing $300 towards
    Echos care. 
    Village Riders were encouraged to earn money by
    helping in their community. Congratulations to Lauren Lamb
    for raising the most money. 
  • Polo Event Awesomeness
  • Special Thanks to Fox 9 anchor Kelcey Carlson and Fox 9 Videographer John Cottew who came out to the Blackberg Ranch to help promote the 8th Annual Freedom Farm Polo Event!
  • Because of the Fox 9 News outstanding coverage at Blackberg Ranch, we had many first time attendees from around the Metro, making this event an even bigger success!
  • August Helpers!  Todd Hoefling chose Freedom Farm for his Employee Volunteer Day. He spent the whole day helping Kurt Rischmiller install a fence in the new pasture. 
  • Cargill Grain and Oilseed Supply Chain donated funds to purchase metal fencing and posts making our paddocks safer.
  • Schroeder Creekside Stable donated a new push lawnmower!
  • Thanks to Kurt Rischmiller and Nikki Rischmiller who spent many hours preparing a new pasture!
  • 6 AmeriCORPS NCCC members spent a day at the farm painting, cleaning tack, replacing light bulbs, & landscaping
  • Thanks to Kelvin Childers who put up our new wall over the water between the gelding paddocks
  • Brian Frauendienst comes weekly fixing whatever needs it, he also plowed snow and got the tractor and lawnmowers ready for summer; also Brian and PJ Frauendienst fixed our fence!
  • Lyle Johnson brought his bobcat over to clean paddocks after the long winter and move sand
  • Ernie Schroeder fixed stalls, replaced tires, hauled hay, cleaned paddocks, and just did anything that needed to be done!
  • An anonymous dear friend saw an awesome snow blower at an auction, bought it, & delivered to Freedom Farm!
  • Sandee Gould made it look like spring at Freedom Farm by planting pansies in the flower boxes.  Thanks Sandee!

Freedom Farm is blessed by these 'Friends of Freedom Farm'. Thank you all for helping as we continue to: enrich lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse. 


 2014 Blessings Received!

  • Nathan & Stephanie Keim donated an iPad MINI!
  • Sandee Gould organized 15 years of pictures!
  • Dave Kummer built organizer for lunge lines & whips.
  • Dina Connolly donated an Oster Clipmaster for the horses.
  • Mr. Kocherer's AG Class spent 4 days at Freedom Farm working hard.
  • Dave Kummer is at it again and has gifted us with amazing art!  He has made beautiful metal flowers and a new mailbox to use on the pony express trail.
  • David Lee was a big hero this spring and washed all the barn and office windows, he even did Susies house!
  • Sue is no longer taping paper to the windows of the office to keep the sun out of her eyes thanks to the installation of blinds by John and Patty Farber!


2013 Blessings Received!

  • John & Patty Farber installed a wonderful, secure screen door to the Office.
  • Cherie Greenhagen gave a summer of volunteering in the Offfice and donated office supplies.
  • Portable lunging platform made for Freedom Farm Volunteer, Grace, by Dave Kummer.
  • The Office. Thank You: JLF Homes, Berg Exteriors, Burns Excavating, Fine-Line Foundations, Roy's Electric & John Farber.
  • Eli Larson completed projects that helped him earn his Eagle Scout Badge.  These projects include: adding rock around our basketball court and small animal petting area, building a bench for the Freedom Farm goat pen which provides a safe spot for our riders to sit and pet the goats and a fun place for the goats to climb, and building 3 tables using wood from our school house building.
  • We are so thankful for PJ Frauendienst, who worked tirelessly to prepare Freedom Farm for our PATH accreditation this year.  We passed with flying colors!
  • Freedom Farm is blessed with many awesome friends.  One of these friends is Loree Kinney who wrote this poem:

I’m a Freedom Farm kid and I can ride

Susie has my back with the walkers by my side

Some thought I was weak but they were wrong

I can sit on a horse and I am strong

Nobody knows what I’ve been through

But at Freedom Farm my horse just knew

I ride my horse and I sit tall

At Freedom Farm I can do it all

I may not walk and I may not run

But on my horse, I have some fun

I prance and I dance and I am free

I love my horse and my horse loves me

By Loree Kinney

2013 Freedom Farm Donors Acknowledged


2012 Blessings Received! 

Freedom Farm is honored to receive these gifts!

  • Veterans4Veterans for donating $13,000 to our Veteran program.
  • Eaton Corporation Charitable Fund for donating $15,000 specifically for the John Deere tractor!
  • American Legion Women's Auxiliary for donating a picnic table for the Healing with Horses program. 
  • The Prestidge Family donated hay for the horses.
  • Catherine Kayser donated Equine Senior for the Freedom Farm therapy horses.
  • Zimectrin Gold Dewormer provided by BELAC (Buffalo Equine and Large Animal Clinic).
  • Freedom Farm Polo Event Friday Night Prelude Dinner hosted by Rob & Linda Berg and Ryan Gilbertson.
  • David Lubben & Nancy Kwan donated tack and equipment.
  • Donation of all veterinary care for Echo provided by Dr. Jamie Pribyl from BELAC.
  • Equimax Dewormer, donated by Bimeda, Inc.
  • Spring shots for all the horses, care of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
  • Funds to insulate the indoor riding arena. Click to view our wonderful donors!
  • IBEW Local 292 with the National Electrical Contractors Association donated all the electrical work needed for the arena insulation project.
  • Volunteer Kurt Rischmiller crafted and installed new saddle racks with saddle pad hangers. Thank you Kurt for helping us stay organized! View his handiwork.
  • $5,000 Anonymous Donation for the Lake Ida Schoolhouse Project