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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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Books in the Barn 

Mini Day Camp

Summer Reading Program at Freedom Farm

The 'Books in the Barn' summer reading program sessions were filled to capacity!  We had 30 kids go through the program. Our students improved their reading skills reading to the horses and created friendships.

Here is Peter’s experience through his mom’s words…
“Reading for Peter is all about confidence. Before Peter starting riding he didn’t have a lot of confidence in himself but the horses at Freedom Farm have this amazing power to build confidence in their riders. I believe this is what happened with Books in the Barn, Peter was “with” the horse which gave him the confidence he needed to read, which boosted his self-esteem, hence improving his reading skills.

I would also like to add that kids with low confidence and self-esteem don’t like to talk aloud, but since the horse can’t talk back and only gives unconditional love to the child it helps the child feels safe in reading aloud, which makes them better readers.”   by Patricia, Peter’s Mom

Objective: To provide an opportunity for students to improve their reading skills and learn about horsemanship through stories, games and creative activities about horses, as well as interactive experiences with the horses of Freedom Farm.

This program is designed to encourage appropriate, cooperative, social interactions among peers while providing fundamental information for safely working around horses. 

Participants learn safety rules, basic horse behaviors and body language, equine anatomy, and grooming techniques.

Participants will receive copies of the books read and an equine handbook, with activities completed during the program.


     Brief discussion of day’s activities
     Read as a group, taking turns
     Review story through a game
     Hands-on experience with horses
     Complete handbook activity related to the day’s topic
     Horse/Barn art project


     Susie Bjorklund, Founder/PATH Certified Instructor
     Lisa Schabo, PATH Certified Instructor
     Cindi Koopmeiners, licensed Minnesota teacher 



Upcomming Dates

June 26, 27, and 28

July 17, 18, and 19

August 14, 15, and 16


To sign up for 'Books in the Barn' please
call: 952-955-2505