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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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Congratulations to Veteran Paul Hoiland 


Paul received the PATH International Equine Service for Heroes® Equestrian of the Year Award at this years PATH International Conference in Williamsburg, VA.  It was an honor for both him and Freedom Farm. We thank you for your service to our country and your continued dedication to volunteering at Freedom Farm.





'Healing with Horses' 

 Honoring veterans who have served our country

and are now on a path of healing from war and other deployment traumas.

'Healing with Horses' is a program offered to veterans.  It is a time just for them. A time to rebuild confidence and trust. A time to relearn to focus on the here and now. And a time to just 'be'.

A place to be with your families and other veterans.                             

                A place to give back and let healing happen. A place to feel part of the community. 

               A place to relax and remember how it feels to just 'be'.


Many veterans return from active duty with physical and/or emotional wounds. They also experience challenges in making the transition from active duty.

Susie Bjorklund, founder and president of Freedom Farm has been a riding instructor and horse trainer for over 20 years as well as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  Susie is a certified PATH International Theraputic Riding Instructor, Mentor and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. She provides the primary direction and instruction during all lessons

Testimonial: "Now that I have had my first experience with the horses and participants, I have a new awareness of the struggles that many other people have in their daily lives. I also feel a new sense of patience and acceptance with my own life challenges. This has been the first time in a long while that I actually stayed in the moment and trusted my instincts." Veteran Volunteer


Veterans helping veterans is a key component in each participant's success. Together, they will work on relaxation, memory skills, following directions and staying focused. Together, they will help build morale and well being. Together, they will create a social network allowing friendships to form naturally.

Veterans interested in becoming more involved should attend a volunteer training session. Upon completion, you will be able to work with all Freedom Farm Riders, many who are children with special needs, and injured veterans. The injured veteran who is riding receives an emotional benefit by having another veteran at his or her side. There are sessions available for women who have served in the millitary as well as men who have served in the millitary.



If you are a veteran, call Susie at Freedom Farm for more information.

There is no fee for any veteran participating in this program.

Healing with Horses Participant Forms 2019




Follow this link for a video summerizing the Healing with Horses program: Bus 52.  A big Thank You to the Bus 52 program for making Healing with Horses a stop on their national tour 


This program is a 'no fee' service for veterans.  Financial support is needed.Consider sponsoring a veteran rider:  The annual cost for one rider is $7,200. You can contribute all or any portion of this.  952-955-2505 or

Sue Kyllonen spent a day with our veteran's and captured their love of horses. Thank you for the great photo's.



'Healing with Horses' featured in:

   January 22, 2013 edition! See it here. 




September 10, 2012  Freedom Farm greatly appreciates the donation of $13,000 from the Veterans4Veterans for our Veterans program.

     Freedom Farm has received endorsement for their grant application to Veterans 4 Veterans  from Disabled American Veterans State Commander. A grant of $13,000 from V4V to be used for program costs for Healing With Horses.
Healing With Horses is a program at Freedom Farm for women veterans.  This program has been serving women veterans for 3 years. Many women veterans return from active duty and experience loss of confidence, ability to trust, difficulty focusing on tasks at hand and difficulty transition from their military past to their civilian present. The unique attributes of the horse gently help women veterans overcome the obstacles of their return to civilian life in multiple ways.
The Healing With Horses allows the women veterans to rebuild confidence,trust, and focus through the experiences with the horses, for some this includes riding and a support group facilitated by a licensed psychologist.

    Freedom Farm’s instructor and executive director Susie Bjorklund was invited to the V4V annual meeting and was honored to accept this generous donation.”I am so grateful to have our program for women veterans acknowledged by this outstanding organization. The V4V annual meeting was very powerful. Individuals from DVA, American Legions, VA, Black Veterans of America, Wounded Warriors Guide Service, and myself spoke with great passion about our programs. The meeting concluded with Commissioner Larry Shellito  thanking all in attendance for working together to help our active and veteran men and women service members and praising each organization for their  dedication”.

The annual cost for the Healing With Horses program is $43,000. Please call or email Susie to find out more about this unique program. 


 Freedom Farm proudly received two visits from (ret) General Tim Cossalter this summer.  He had the opportunity to ride with 'Healing with Horses' women veterans program riders.


 952-955-2505 or