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Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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Rider's Stories 

These stories are written by a rider, a parent, caregiver or myself. I hope they inspire you. The joys that occur at Freedom Farm are a gift from God. His love shines through when the team of a special rider, a chosen horse and giving volunteers all come together. So, I give a special thank you to those who are willing to share from their heart A Riders Story......

                                                                             Susie Bjorklund

Behr's Story (2018)
"The very first day that Behr sat up on Sara, his horse, and Susie asked him to say “walk on” his little voice made the “wa” sound. We had never heard that out of him until that moment. It seemed a miracle might already be taking place"... by Kelly, Behr's mom


Laura's Story (2017)
"Laura is completely nonverbal but when she gets on her horse, Stella, she doesn’t stop “talking”. You can see just how proud she is of herself when she is riding and she smiles the whole time!"...   by Nicole, Laura's mom



Miranda's Story (2016)
"Riding has increased her confidence and independence... With her increased confidence she is the first to encourage and cheer on the other Riders in her lesson. Her loving spirit fills the arena!"... by Helen, Miranda’s mom


Peter’s Story (2015)
Peter has become self-confident since coming to Freedom Farm. His family has seen the positive changes in him... by Patricia, Peter’s mom 

Isaac's Story (2014)
At Freedom Farm, He is SUCCESSFUL. This is a big thing. He doesn't feel like a failure. He is participating in an activity with kids which staff and volunteers make sure he is successful at and he has JOY and PRIDE in himself...  by Nicole, Isaac's mom 



Sarah & Cole's Story (2014)
They both have received various diagnoses over the years, but at the Farm a rider is not defined by their diagnosis. Sarah and Cole have not only gained riding skills, but they have overcome challenges and they have gained freedom. Freedom from fear, and freedom from silence...  by Sarah & Cole's mom, Kathy



Annika W.'s Story (2013)
Even beyond all of this, I have to say that Freedom Farm has given Annika “Freedom”... by Annika's Mom, Rebecca

(Left- Annika with Ryan Gilbertson at Freedom Farm's 2013 Polo Event Fundraiser)



Gregory's Story (2012)
We're grateful for everyone in Gregory's life who has worked to help him and we'll forever hold a special place in our hearts for Susie, the horses, and the rest of the Freedom Farm team for the healing they do...  by Gregory's Mom, Julie


Katie's Story (2012)
Freedom Farm can be described as many things. Freedom Farn is caring, loving and generous to others... I am 13 years old and I have been riding at Freedom Farm since I was 6. I can now ride independently. I would've never thought I would be able to ride by myself. Freedom Farm is a miracle to me...  by Katie and her mom



Brett's Story - about 'Doc' (2011)
DOC’s job is one of utmost importance to me as Brett’s mom; for DOC’s job requires that he keeps my son safe while progressing toward re-learning to walk after receiving a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) three years ago...  by Brett's mother



"Doc's Special Medicine"

 Freedom Farm Horse and Rider team, Doc and Brett, are featured in this Summer's issue of STRIDES!

To view the article, written by Brett's mother Greta, click here.

STRIDES is PATH Intl's major publication. It is a full-color quarterly magazine which features different topics related to Therapeutic Horsemanship and is mailed to each PATH Intl member. Past issues of the magazine are available online at the PATH Intl website and can be viewed by clicking the STRIDES magazine picture to the right.



Bobby's Story (2011)
My son, Bobby, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum when he was three. He is almost 7 1/2 now...  he hit a plateau in his therapies and things seemed to go downhill very fast... by Bobby's mother


 Laura's Story (2010)
Laura has a rare genetic disorder known as Kabuki Syndrome, which presents as hypotonia (low muscle tone), and cognitive and developmental delays. since Laura has been riding at Freedomfarm, there has been remarkable improvement in her strength, ... by Laura's mother 

Quintin's Story (2008)
In the year 2003, our beautiful son, Quintin, was born to us through adoption. We brought him home at just three tender days of age, and from the very moment we laid eyes on him, ... by Quintin's mom 


Mackenzie's Story (2008)
Mackenzie was four months old when her path in life took a dramatic turn. She suffered a brain injury after an interrupted SIDS episode... by Mackenzie's mom





Ben's Story (2007)
Ben began riding 2 years ago when he was 8 years old. He would not make eye contact with anyone, there were no smiles and when he spoke, it was with a very soft voice... by Susie Bjorklund