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Freedom Farm

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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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The Freedom Farm therapy horses are well trained to meet each individualized need for those who ride with sidewalkers or those learning how to canter.

You can help support a therapy horse! If you would like to show your appreciation for our amazing equines here at Freedom Farm, consider supporting a horse!

* It costs $4000 a year to cover the expenses of each of the horses at Freedom Farm, including their feed, hay, supplements, medications, trimming/shoeing, and routine vet care.

* Our horses are senior citizens and often require a little extra care.

If you donate the full $4,000, your name will be noted on our website and in our arena as a sponsor of your chosen horse. In addition, you will get a photo of your horse and quarterly updates.

Meet our horses! 

ECHO ~ Echo is a 25 year-old POA gelding. He was donated in 2010 by Anne Nowlan. Echo is a retired hunter pony. He taught Anne's children how to ride and took care of them at many big horse shows. Echo instantly became a favorite here. He is so sweet, always willing and very patient. 






CASSIE ~ Cassie is a 26 year-old Quarter Horse mare. Her registered name is "Royal Jade Lady". She was donated in 2011 by Laura and Alyssa Frickson. Cassie spent the last four years with the Frickson's showing in English, Western, Showmanship and Dressage. Laura has shared their story! 






STELLA ~ Sponsored by Friends of Freedom Farm

 Stella is a 20 year-old Norwegian Fjord mare donated in July of 2011 by Wendy Adams. Her registered name is DHF Stella. Her sweet face quickly wins everyone over and off-sets her strong-willed personality. 



LILY ~ Lily is a 15 year-old quarter horse mare. Her registered name is Dual Splashy Pep. Lily has quickly become a favorite! Lily consistently gives her best; she can have a lesson with a rider that relies on a leader and sidewalker for balance, and then the next lesson she rides beautifully with a rider working on trotting and cantering!






CANDY ~ Candy is a 18 year-old quarter horse mare. Her registered name is IW Canela Be and she was donated by Dina Connolly in 2014. She is a spunky girl who loves to move and is an excellent teacher for all levels of riding and groundworking.







Sara ~ Sara is a 21 year-old appaloosa mare.  Her registered name is Sensational Sara. She was donated by Megan and David Cannistraci. Sara is a retired Western Pleasure Show Horse with a sweet personality.








Dakota ~ Dakota is a 16 year-old quarter horse gelding.  His registered name is Bonvestor Graduate. Dakota loves working with cows and is great at building confidence.








Rebel ~ Rebel is a 14 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Rebel is a fun horse with a big personality!








Bear ~ Bear is a 14 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Bear has a gentle spirit, he works hard and is eager to please his rider.








Josey ~ Josey is an 11 year old Quarter Horse mare. Josie is an inquisitive horse with the friendliest personality. Josie was donated by Dina Connoly in 2018.







Moon ~ Moon is a 20 year old Quarter Horse mare. Moon has a sweet personality and loves to be around people. Moon is a favorite with our teens as she smiles for pictures.






Honky Tonk ~ Sponsored by Christine Marino and Curtis Marks of Bellissimo Farms

Honky Tonk is an 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding. His registered name is IM Smartagain. Freedom Farm volunteer, Kerry Barnauskas, is generously leasing Honky Tonk to Freedom Farm. He is a great addition to the Freedom Farm family with his sweet and laid back personality.









 Freedom Farm still needs horses!  Contact us if you have a horse you think might be appropriate. 

 A big foot stomping 'Thank You' from all our equine angels!


Thank you to our Equine Angels for their time spent at Freedom Farm


Timmy ~ Timmy passed away in September 2018. He touched so many lives at Freedom Farm in the 5 years he spent here. Timmy will be greatly missed.





Howard ~ Howard is once again at work with his previous owner. He touched many lives at Freedom Farm in 2017 and will be greatly missed.







Tessa ~ We thank Tessa for her work at Freedom Farm during 2017. She is enjoying her retirement and will be missed.






Rueger ~ Rueger has retired. Rueger is enjoying her retirement at our Finance Manger Sue Claussen's home. Rueger is loving her retirement going on fun trail rides around the state at the amazing State Parks Minnesota has to offer.






Jet ~ Jet has retired after having touched many Freedom Farm participants' hearts. He is now back with his family receiving much love in retirement.






IRISH ~ After 5 years with Freedom Farm Irish has retired. Freedom Farm's barn manager, Corrie Stevens, is providing Irish his retirement home.





Liza ~ Liza has retired. We thank Liza for her time at Freedom Farm and the indepence she lent to her riders.




SLICK ~ He is retired and happy to be sharing a pasture with Ace and Tango.






JOKER ~ We thank Joker for the 7 years he served at Freedom Farm. His very funny personality and consistent work ethic will be missed. We are honored to have a beautiful pasture and awesome care for Joker in his retirement. Joker was nominated as Therapy Horse of the Year for 2013 by the MN Horse Council.



TANGO ~ After 6 years Tango has retired and is living not too far from Freedom Farm, where he is hanging out with his buddies Slick and Ace.






DOC ~ Doc has retired from his work as a therapy horse at Freedom Farm at the age of 27. His donors, Marc and Susan Asch, have taken him home where he will receive all the love and care he needs. Doc will be greatly missed. He helped so many children and adults experience the freedom only a horse can provide.