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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


Our Sponsors



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The Freedom Farm therapy horses are well trained to meet each individualized need for those that ride with sidewalkers or those learning how to canter.

You can help sponsor a therapy horse! Have your name displayed in the Freedom Farm arena as a horse sponsor. Each horse needs $4,000 every year to help pay for feed, vet, board and farrier costs.

Meet our horses!

ECHO ~ 21 yr old POA gelding. He was donated in 2010 by Anne Nowlan. Echo is a retired hunter pony. He taught Anne's children how to ride and took care of them at many big horse shows. Echo instantly became a favorite here. He is so sweet, always willing and very patient. 

Echo's 2014 Sponsors:  Craig & Leslie Carlson, Kristen Dascalos, Anonymous


CASSIE ~ 22 yr old QH mare. Her registered name is "Royal Jade Lady". She was donated in 2011 by Laura and Alyssa Frickson. Cassie spent the last four years with the Frickson's showing in English, Western, Showmanship and Dressage. Laura has shared their story!

Cassie's 2014 Sponsors: Cannon Family Foundation, Digital Clay Studios, Jim Fernholz,  Laura Frickson, Britta Hirsch,  Janith Jacobson, Judith Samuelson, Rick & Shirley Scheuble, Jeff Seeman, Greg Zilverman


STELLA ~ Stella is a 17 year-old Fjord male donated in July of 2011 by Wendy Adams.  Stella's sweet face quickly wins everyone over and off-sets her strong-willed personality.  Stella has a built in clock and during every lesson, she quits after 45 minutes.

Stella's 2014 Sponsors: Nicole Hulbert



IRISH ~ Irish is a 17 year-old gelding; his registered name is KNR Irish Creme.  Irish is a retired english/western pleasure horse.  He is our tallest equine angel at 16.1 hands.  Irish is patient with our riders that are working on or are riding independently.

Irish's 2014 Sponsors:  Irene Bender, Kathryn Glessing, Jim Jacobson, Sheryln Sjostrom, Kerry Barnauskas


LILY ~ Lily is an 12 year-old Quarter horse mare.  Her registered name is Dual Splashy Pep.  Lily has quickly become a favorite!  Lily consistently gives her best; she can have a lesson with a rider that relies on a leader and sidewalker for balance, and then the next lesson she rides beautifully with a rider working on trotting and cantering!

Lily's 2014 Sponsors:  Don & Roscella Connelly, Meredith Huikko, Norman & Nadine Myers, Kari Swandal, Bob & Julie Zajac, Anonymous


NEWMAN ~ Newman is a 16 year-old paint gelding, his registered name is HBF News Man.  Freedom Farm purchased Newman in August of 2013, and is a retired english/western pleasure horse.  Newman takes the phrase "take time to smell the flowers" very seriously.  He also loves attention!

Newman's 2014 Sponsors:  Susan Newman, Vicki Pipal


 TIMMY ~ Timmy is a  very sweet 18 year-old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. He was purchased in January of 2014. He has worked on a cattle ranch in Montana.



A big foot stomping 'Thank You' from all our equine angels!

2014 Horse Sponsors:  BUFFALO EQUINE, Marc & Susan Asch, Jackie Bican, Gale Bostrom, Julie Braun, Wade & Renee Bryan, Denny & Mary Butcher, Wendy & Fred Caslavka, Curt & Deb Christensen, Ralph & Dee Dalbec, Raymond Emry, Mabell Fox, Brian & Debbie Freed, Sandee Gould, Jeff & Kris Lund, Joel & Kristen Pettit, Robin Schroeder, Tom & Ann Schroeder, Laurie Tschetter, Brian Walsh


Horses in Training:       

Duke Quarter Horse gelding

Jake Quarter Horse Appaloosa gelding

Thank you to our retired Equine Angels for their time spent at Freedom Farm.

ACE ~ Ace loved to ride outside. After 3 years at Freedom Farm, he has retired. He will now get to enjoy trail riding with a wonderful family.




 JOKER ~ We thank Joker for the 7 years he served at Freedom Farm.  His very funny personality and consistent work ethic will be missed.  We are honored to have a beautiful pasture and awesome care for Joker in his retirement.  Joker was nominated as Therapy Horse of the Year for 2013 by the MN Horse Council. 



TANGO ~ After 6 years Tango has retired and is living not too far from Freedom Farm.





ROCKY ~ Rocky was the favorite pony at Freedom Farm from 2006 - 2013. He is spending his retirement with a wonderful family.





SHILOH ~ Shiloh is residing at Rick & Sue Claussen's home.  She will enjoy visiting lots of Minnesota parks trail riding .





DOC ~ Doc has retired from his work as a therapy horse at Freedom Farm at the age of 27.  His donors, Marc and Susan Asch, have taken him home where he will receive all the love and care he needs. Doc will be greatly missed. He helped so many children and adults experience the freedom only a horse can provide.