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Freedom Farm

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Our Mission:

Freedom Farm enriches lives by partnering with the unique attributes of the horse to improve mobility, build confidence and encourage personal growth in children and adults with physical, mental & emotional challenges.


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Why do you volunteer at Freedom Farm?

"Providing encouragement to the courageous riders at Freedom Farm is a rewarding experience. The riders' persistent pursuit of success and freedom of movement provide pure joy to all and is truly inspiring." -Tom

"We may never hear a rider speak or they cannot speak well, and out of nowhere, you hear a soft 'whoa' or 'walk on' as clear as can be.  I have seen riders who won’t make eye contact, and suddenly they turn and look at you for the first time, with a smile." -PJ 

"Why do I keep coming back?  A staff that is dedicated, caring, welcoming and wise.  Riders who work so hard for their success.  Volunteers who are always there for one another and the riders.  Parents who are tireless in their commitment to their children.  And, of course, the great, wonderful, beautiful, gentle horses."  -Paula


Every rider at Freedom Farm requires 3 volunteers: 1 leader and 2 sidewalkers.  The sidewalkers’ job is to assist the rider during the therapeutic riding lesson and while brushing their horse.  The leader is a person that has experience leading and riding horses and understands horse behavior.

There are 3 sessions: Spring, Summer, and Fall, that run April through October.  Volunteers can do all three sessions or just one, and typically sign up for 1 to 2 hours per week.  An annual training is required and provided at the start of each session.  Attending a volunteer training is the best way to find out if this something you would like to do.  Each volunteer needs to fill out Volunteer Forms yearly, and can be downloaded below. 


Volunteer Training

Thursday, August 27 - 5:00 pm

Tuesday, September 1 - 5:00 pm

Please call or email us with questions or to find out our upcoming training dates.


 VOLUNTEER FORMS 2015  Please download, complete & bring to training.



2014 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner



 November is a month of thanksgiving, and Freedom Farm is so very thankful for its wonderful and amazing volunteers!  We had a great night blessing our volunteers with a meal and awards for each person's special service throughout the year.

A special thank you to Laurie Lee (mom of 2 riders), and board members Joel Brunner and Julie Sweeney who helped serve dinner.  The volunteers were touched by your words of thanks and appreciation.

Every volunteer is important in creating a safe and encouraging environment for the riders, and some have gone above and beyond to use their gifts to specially bless Freedom Farm.  Special awards were given to recognize these efforts.  We are so thankful for you!


 Volunteer of the Year: Crissy Oestreich


 Horse Handler of the Year: Cindi Koopmeiners


Couple of the Year: Kerry & Andy(missing!) Barnauskas


Super Women:  Corrie Stevens & Kathy McMahon

  5-Year Volunteers: Jayne Gassan, Amanda Maus, Kathy McMahon, Maddie Neumann, Amanda Wareing, Vicki Weber, Elaine White

10-Year Volunteers: Beth Johnson & Jennie Menke